Summer Season Bowler Information


The maximum number in a team (including the leader) will generally be eleven. (A minimum of 7 bowlers is suggested). All players of a specific team should be allocated an equal number of games throughout the season. 
Rules and regulations relating to the league (e.g. replacement players, trial ends etc.) will generally be in accordance with the winter ones relating to similar leagues. 
(See “IMPORTANT NOTE” below.)
1. All games must be played.
2. All vouchers from both teams must be placed in the appropriate rink pot before play commences.
3. When a member of a league team does not attend to play in a scheduled match, the skip of that team must write the name of the non-attender on the score card. The Team Leader will then be contacted in order to obtain the vouchers from the non-attender. 
4. Leagues will run from the beginning of May until various weeks in September (dates to be advised).
5. A full member can only register in one team for each league. Late registration of players must be made at least forty-eight hours before the new player’s first match.
6. All players names must be entered on the Match Score Card provided for the match, and both Skips are to sign the card at the completion of the game.
League matches will be 15 ends or 2 hours to the bell, whichever is sooner.
Would all league players ensure they turn up for their allocated sessions of play. It is very unsatisfactory for both teams if they have to play 2 bowlers – v – 3 bowlers. The summer ruling on teams reporting to play with insufficient players is as follows (and will be followed during the Summer Season,) Would all league players please ensure they are down on the green ready to play at the appointed time.
“Should a triple team report with one player short (2 players instead of 3) the full team shall play 3 woods each, as well as the team with 2 players. Leads of both teams shall put up 3 woods each and then the 2 on the full team will put up their 3 woods on their own, then the 2 on the short team and the skip on the full team shall each play their 3 woods. There will be no Penalty points or score deducted but the game will be played by the normal club rules”.
Completed score cards are to be signed by the skip of each team, and placed in the appropriate score card box at the bottom of the slope. Please DO NOT complete the overall league charts, the summer league secretary will do this.


Rinks for general play or roll-ups can be booked 7 days in advance.
For Competitions they may be booked up to a max. of 14 days in advance.
All bookings are to be made by the Green Steward on duty, NOT BY INDIVIDUAL BOWLERS AND NOT BEFORE 8.30 AM
Please note that in most sessions where leagues, competitions or drives are scheduled to take place, there are normally spare rinks for use by bowlers not involved in that particular event.
For Competitions, ensure that the selected rink on the booking sheet is clearly marked Competition so that “other bowlers” are not added to the rink.

Please ensure that the total number of hours required for Competitions, Games or roll – ups are booked. (Hourly sessions are indicated on the Rink Booking Sheets, so please remember to check that the green steward fills in for the complete time you want to book a rink.)


Bowlers are reminded that mobile phones should not be used in the rink area. Please remember to switch them off when you are playing bowls. Thank you


Unless notified in advance that the fire alarm is being tested; bowlers are requested to leave the premises immediately by the closest fire exit – do not collect belongings – do not return to the building until advised to do so. Having left the building please assemble in the car park adjacent to the Leisure centre.
There should be a list in the Green Steward’s Office for emergency telephone/contact numbers.

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