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31st July 2020


With the latest relaxing of the Covid-19 restrictions and following E.I.B.A. Guidance for “Returning to Indoor Bowls” that have been approved by the Dept. for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, the Club is permitted to re-open to our Members.
NOTE: If you have symptoms of Covid-19 in the previous 14 days do not come to the Club.
We will keep a record of everyone entering the Club for a rolling period of 21 days.

BOOKINGS: Only our “FULL” Members will be permitted to bowl, and MUST book in advance, by telephoning the reception on 01273 870670 Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 2.00pm. The names of everyone who will be bowling with you are required when booking. Answer phone bookings WILL NOT BE accepted, and you will NOT be allowed to book a rink for another member. Bookings to Commence from Monday 10th August.

BOWLING TIMES: Monday to Friday only at 9.00am-11.00am and 11.30am-1.30pm. Arrive ONLY 15 minutes before your booked time.

CHANGING ROOMS & LOCKERS: These are out of bounds at present, but you will be allowed access on your first visit to obtain your bowls equipment it will be limited to 3 in the room. On finishing, bowls equipment must be taken away with you. Bowls shoes to be changed at rink side and must be not be worn outside.

TOILETS: Will be restricted to two people.

ENTRY & EXIT: Entry and exit will be via the Front Door.

FACE COVERINGS: “This is mandatory” in the interest of protecting your fellow bowlers. If you are unable to wear a face covering, then signed written proof will be required from a medical expert.

PAYMENTS: All payments must be made by Debit / Credit Card. “Cash” will not be accepted.

HAND SANITISER: Please use on entry, then before and after bowling from the bottles on the tables at the end of the rinks.

PLAYING FORMAT: Maximum of 8 players per rink. Mats will always be played from the ‘T’. One and only one nominated person per rink will set the mat each end, regardless of who is to bowl first. Two Jacks will be available per rink. Casting of the Jack is not permitted, the Skip will place it on their nominated length. Score Boards will not be switched on. Scorecards will be available, but you must provide your own pen/pencil and scorecard holder.

CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT: This will be carried out by Staff at the end of each session. Mats and Jacks must be returned to the Reception Desk on completion of your bowling session.

CLEANING OF THE CLUB: Extra sanitising and disinfecting of door handles, taps, etc. will take place during the day. Extra sanitising will be carried out by the cleaners overnight.


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