General Information and Rules

General information

Played on Monday evenings, over 13 ends, starting at 19:00 and concluding at approximately 21:00 throughout the winter season this mixed (male/female) two player competition is designed to be an interesting variation on the game of bowls where the main difference is in the format of the play in which both players alternate between being the lead and the skip.

There is currently one division of 18 teams.

This could be increased further should there be a demand.

This is a very engaging and enjoyable competition over 13 ends and is based on a league ladder format using all four (4) bowls per player.

This competition allows players, who in general would not consider playing as the skip in a team, to experience this position. For less experienced skips it can also help to hone their knowledge skills and confidence in this important of positions within a team by learning to read the “head” more effectively.

The format of play

On the First End the LEAD bowler deliveries two (2) of their four (4) bowls. This is then followed by the SKIP bowling all four (4) of their bowls. Finally the LEAD then bowls their remaining Two (2) Bowls completing the “end.”

On the Second End the order of play is reversed. The SKIP now plays the Lead position and bowls two (2) of their four (4) Bowls. The LEAD player has now moved to being the Skip and bowls their four (4) Bowls. Finally the SKIP, who is still playing as the lead on this end, bowls their remaining two (2) bowls.

The format of reversing the playing positions is then continued throughout the game. 

Australian League Rules

Each team plays each other totally 15 matches.

Team play on a two (2) weekly cycle throughout the winter league season.

All matches MUST be played on the allocated date laid down by the Australian Pairs league secretary.

However, should there be an unforeseen circumstance that precludes the team/teams from playing on the allotted day then the match may be re-arranged to be played on a date prior to the date for which the match was scheduled.   

Pre-booked rinks MUST be cancelled accordingly.

The team with the most points accumulated throughout the season will be declared the winner.

However, should there be a tie on points between teams then the shot difference of those teams will be applied to confirm the league winner.

The league, except for the rules highlighted above, conforms to the general rules of bowling. (See club bowling rules for further information.)


Teams arriving on the specified evening of play or who have a justified reason for not playing that evening (See unforeseen circumstances above) will be allocated one (1) point, at the discretion of the Australian Pairs league secretary.


  • Two (2) points for a win
  • One (1) Point for a draw
  • Nil (0) points for a loss 

Any team who fails to arrive on the evening and has not played their allotted match prior to that date (as laid out above) will not receive any points and will be fully responsible for the payment of the rink fees.

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