Members Football League Rules

 Members Football League Rules – From 2017/18 Season

1 The Team will be based on a Triples – 3 woods format.

2 A Minimum of six (6) and a Maximum of Nine (9) players can be registered into a team.

3 A TOTAL of Six (6) Vouchers per team are required per match. See (*).

4 Maximum Number of League teams will be Sixteen (16).

5 One (1) “Substitute” can be brought on and off the rink at the conclusion of an end but only after the first four (4) ends have been completed, and then thereafter on an unlimited number of times basis.

6 A Match may commence with one or both teams being one (1) player short. Additional team members, may join the match at any time after the conclusion of an end and will therefore not be subject to the first four (4) ends rule as referred to in rule (5).

7 Three woods per player to be used at ALL times, irrespective of the number of players on the rink.

8 All players on the day MUST be entered onto the score card.

9 Players may change their playing positions at any time during the match, but only after the completion of the end.

10 The League will run generally to the same schedule as that for all other AIBC winter bowls leagues which is from October to April inclusive.

11 Teams and members names MUST be registered with the league secretary before the season starts, although changes can be made during the year up to the maximum number of players designated for this league.

12 Matches will be played between 9.00 am and 11:00 am on Tuesday mornings.

13 A maximum of 18 Ends will be permitted.

14 Players may play in their chosen team strip or white tops. Plain GREY trousers at all times.

15 No Trial ends will be permitted.

16 At the commencement of the match the Team that wins on the “toss of a coin” centres the jack and can then decide whether to bowl first or second. Thereafter, if a goal (3 shots advantage) is scored then the winning team presents the jack. The team that did not score will then play first. Should neither team score a goal on the end then the team that has the nearest bowl to the jack can spot the jack and bowl first.

17 To score a “GOAL” a team must have a 3 shots advantage in the head for one (1) goal to be scored. Then 5 shots for two (2) goals and 7 shots for three (3) goals. Ultimately should a team have all 9 shots then four (4) goals would be awarded. See (**).

18 Should the team who wins the end by scoring a Goal(s) (rule 17) and then present the jack, which subsequently goes out of the playing area (back or sides), then the jack will be pass to their opponents for presentation. Their opponents will also then bowl first.

19 Should the jack again go out of the playing area (rules 18) then the jack will be spotted on the “T” with the mat placed on the opposite ends “T.” That is to say a full length jack with the team who lost the goal(s) bowling first.

20 Further movement of the jack once spotted that results in it being deemed out of the playing area (Sides or Ditch) will result in the end being declared dead. A “Penalty” will be given against the offending team, with the non-offending team being awarded a GOAL!

21 If a delivered wood touches the jack and then falls into the ditch (not outside the rink sides) then this will continue to be recorded as a “live” wood for count back purposes towards scoring a GOAL.

22 In the event of a penalty (Rule 20) being awarded, the “offending” player who created the penalty will be removed from the next played end. This means that the offending team will have only six (6) of their usual nine (9) woods available to play. The “offending” player, after the next end has been completed without them, will be then be allowed back into play.

23 Teams will be awarded three (3) points for a match win, two (2) points for a “score” draw, one (1) point for a “no” draw and nil (0) points for losing. A match win being based on the number of goals scored by each team with the highest being the winner.

24 At the end of the season where the points are equal on the league table then goal difference will decide the league champions. Should this be tied then the most goals scored in the season will decide the teams’ final positions.

25 If at the end of the season the teams are still equal even after Rule 24 has been applied then a one (1) hour final will be played between the teams to decide the league champions.

26 Should a team kill the last end of the match then they will concede an own goal, and be issued with a yellow card. This will be recorded on the score card by way of a “Y” on the offending team’s side of the card whilst adding the “Goal” on the non-offending team’s side. When two (2) yellow cards are handed to a team then a RED card will be issued resulting in the offending team forfeiting two (2) league points.

27 Results will be posted on the Club’s winter Football leagues “WEB page” within 5 days of the match being played.


1. (*) Note this can be made up using more than three players. For example two (2) players play the full two hours and then two (2) players can split the two hours 50/50.

2. (**) A “Goal” or “Goal’s” shall be recorded as a number, i.e. 1, 2 etc. not as a “G” or “Goal”

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